The money you pay for the Calgary furnace installation depends on the cost of equipment, ducts, installation, customization, connectivity to each room in your home, and related factors. You have to search for the right Calgary furnace installers who can offer economic quotes.

Product Selection

Product selection is one of the most important criteria. You have to calculate the heating capacity of the equipment per square foot. Then multiply it by the total space in your home. Selection of required rooms is another important criterion. For example, you may need heating in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and the study room. But you may not require it in the garage, equipment room, etc. The Calgary furnace installers can help with your calculations accurately.

Expansion Plan

Think of future expansion plans for your home. You may increase the number of rooms or extend the living space in each room. You may also plan for added constructions in the upper floors. So, you have to plan the furnace capacity based on these requirements also. According to experts, you should buy a furnace with a capacity of 30% to 40% above your present needs. Hence product selection is very important. You can consult the Calgary furnace installers to choose the right product.

Weather Conditions

If you are a long term resident of Calgary, you will obviously know the changing weather conditions during winter. The temperature may go below zero or stay within the lowest levels. The heating requirements during that time may be more due to the cold conditions.

Most of the standard furnaces can fulfil your requirements at the lowest possible temperature levels. However, they may consume more fuel. So, you have to search for a product that is fuel efficient. It should be able to generate maximum heating with the minimum possible fuel consumption.

The cost of such furnaces in Calgary could be relatively higher compared to the standard products. But you can save more in the long term usage.

Product Durability

Advanced furnaces of today can last for years without any critical breakdown conditions. For that, they should be made of the right material. ABS is one of the leading materials which go into the making of furnaces. But they are small and serve the needs of two or three rooms only.

You should choose stainless steel, brass, copper, or aluminum in combination with fibreglass. These materials have high tensile strength and durability factors. They can endure the harsh weather conditions during winter and summer. Of course, you will not be using the furnace much during summer. But they should survive the summer without developing any sort of internal damages and wear and tear.

Core Materials

The core parts of the furnace should be made of aluminized steel, copper or brass. They can conduct heat in an efficient manner. The average heat loss is another factor you should consider while selecting the furnace material. Copper and brass have the lowest loss factors and the highest conductivity factors. The cost you pay for the furnace product will vary depending on the materials you choose.

Costs You Pay

Product Cost

If you are choosing high-quality materials, the product cost will naturally increase. Compare it with your budget and consult the Calgary furnace installers. They can show you the best way to get high-quality materials at relatively economical costs. But you have to make sure that you don’t compromise on quality and durability just to save on costs. The higher costs you pay today may help you to reduce the costs like energy bills, maintenance costs, frequent repair costs, etc.

Ducts Cost

Traditionally the installers used galvanized steel for the ducts with polyurethane insulation. The heat loss percentage was relatively high. The next generation Calgary furnace installers changed the material to aluminum and polyurethane insulation. The heatless reduced considerably. But the cost of frequent repairs for the duct materials was still high. Moreover, the costs were also high.

Modern-day Calgary furnace installers opt for stainless steel, copper or brass for the core duct material. The insulation materials could the polyurethane, polycarbonate, ABS, or fibreglass. These materials are highly non-conductive and reflect the heat back to the main duct material. You can talk to your Calgary furnace installers and determine which the most suitable material is for your home’ architectural design.

Accessories Cost

Insulation is required not only for the ducts but also for the interior parts of your home like windows, walls, floors and ceiling. They can prevent the heat from escaping to the exteriors. They not only preserve heat but also reduce the energy bills by spending less fuel.

Installation Costs

You have to pay the Calgary furnace installers for the services like installation, configuration, customization, the layout of ducts, and related parameters. You can search online to get the best quotes from multiple Calgary furnace installers. Compare them and choose the one with high quality and competitive costs. You don’t have to try and opt for the installers who offer you the cheapest quote.

Maintenance Costs

The annual maintenance costs you pay for the Calgary furnace installers should be competitive and comprehensive. It has to include the part repairs, replacements, and related services.

Insurance Costs

Insurance costs can cover possible damages to the furnace, ducts, and other accessories. It should also include property including the building, furniture and fixture, parked vehicles, etc. make sure that the insurance also covers third party liability and personal injuries.

Other Costs

The other costs may include electrical wiring, fuel tank and piping installation to the furnace, transport of the furnace to your home, etc. You should speak with the Calgary furnace installers and make the best possible negotiations.


The recommended practice is to get the complete quote from the Calgary furnace installers. You can compare them with others and choose the most competitive and cost-effective service provider. You can also consult your neighbors to get the reference of the most efficient Calgary furnace installers. Visit the websites of the installers to get more information in detail.