The basic things you need to understand about Calgary furnace installations are your home architecture, installation plan and design, location of the furnace, duct network, and related factors. The second set of parameters you need to know are the furnace installation company profile, experience, HR, technical knowledge, infrastructure, material selection, and related aspects. The third set of parameters you need to know are related to the environmental and climatic conditions in Calgary. Once you are aware of these factors, it is possible to take a decision on the furnace installation in Calgary.

Home Architecture

You may wonder what the relation between furnace installation and your home architecture is. It is important for the furnace installation and network of ducts. Your house architecture could be colonial, craftsman, Tudor, or the modern style. Your home may also be in a multi-storied flat.

Colonial Architecture

Colonial homes normally have basements. You can use the section for the furnace installation. The design of duct paths could start from here and spread over the entire home to connect to all the rooms. The ducts are installed externally from the supply plenum to the supply register. In such cases, only the part of the duct will be within your home interior. The same type of outlay applies for the return duct from the return-register up to the blower motor filter.

The important features you have to consider before the installation are a future plan for duct addition, branching of ducts into new registers, furnace capacity, etc.

Modern Architecture

The modern home architecture in Calgary will typically have a floor at the ground level and one more above it. The garage space could be located next to the front door or in the backyard. If there is sufficient space for the furnace, you can get it installed there and connect to the rooms in your home through the duct networks.

The Calgary furnace installers have the experience and experience of working with many other types of home architecture also. So, you can expect a professional approach from them during the installation procedures.

Installation Plan and Design

The initial planning and design play important roles in shaping the efficiency and effectiveness of the furnace and duct-works. Safety, security and fuel conservations are the key points you should consider during the furnace installation.

Ventilation and air flow within the furnace installation location are very important. The temperature of the surroundings should be within the tolerance limits of the furnace. The furnace should have a high and low-temperature tolerance limit. It should also be able to work at variable humidity conditions.

The basement beneath the floor is an ideal place for the furnace installation. It is because the temperature and humidity conditions will be within the tolerance limits.

Installation Space

There should be sufficient space for the dimension of the furnace, ducts, pipes, fuel tank, and other related accessories. Plus there should be sufficient space for the Calgary furnace experts to perform the installation and maintenance services.

Proximity to Firefighting

Make sure of firefighting equipment available within the immediate space of the furnace. They should be accessible immediately and usable by everyone. The electrical lines, gas pipes, water supply lines and fire fighting pipes should be separate with a minimum distance as per standards. The Calgary furnace installers have the experience and expertise in recommending the building specifications. They can also customize the space according to the specific requirements of the furnace and duct installations.

Supply and Return Registers

The next question is where you want the supply registers in each room. Make sure the distance of duct within each room is the minimum possible. The aim is to reduce the risk factors like leaks and cracks to the minimum possible levels.

You should also make sure that the supply and return registers are opposite not exactly to each other. It will ensure maximum circulation within the room within the minimum possible time. It is one way of ensuring saving on fuel and enhancement in the furnace performance.

Duct length Calculation

You have to calculate the total length of the supply and return ducts between the rooms and the furnace installation location. You have to ensure it is the minimum possible distance. It will help you to save on fuel and ensure maximum heating effects during the coldest period. You can consult the Calgary furnace installers to get the most optimum calculations.

Duct Material

Selection of duct material is very important for the preservation of heat from the furnace to the registers. Some of the materials could be steel, aluminum, copper, etc. You should make sure that the connectivity between the two duct sections is continuous and easy to assemble. In such cases, you may have to use screws and joints in a secure manner. The Calgary furnace installers will take care of all the safety and insulation procedures.

Duct Insulation

External insulation of the ducts should be preferably made of ABS, polycarbonate, polyurethane, or other non-conducting synthetic material. It should have a firm wrapping over each duct section. It should not cover the gaps between sections in which the installation of connector and screws are placed.

Calgary furnace installers Expertise

Read the website of Calgary furnace installers in detail. You will get to know about their infrastructure, HR, technology and the other important aspects. Read through the customer testimonials. You can get to know about the trust factors of their customers. Read the blog articles. You can get to know about the experience and the technical expertise of the team.

Calgary Weather Conditions

You should know the best time for the furnace installation in Calgary. Experience shows that the end of fall is the right season due to technical and financial feasibility.


Once you have studied and understood the above-listed factors, it could become easy for you to take a decision on the Calgary furnace installers and their services. You can get the quotes from the service providers online. Then you can have a discussion with the technical persons before choosing the products and materials required for the furnace installation.