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Calgary can have some very nasty cold winters and long cold springs temperatures which is why its important you have good efficient well running furnace. We provide 24 hour repair  , furnace cleaning , new furnace instillation and other services. If your heating system is acting up its important to have it checked and not put it off we specialize in Calgary furnace repairs and replacements . Damaged furnaces can be a big danger to families and homes , they can leak carbon monoxide , leak Natural gas,and Catch on fire let us take care of Calgary furnace repairs . Having your furnace checked yearly and having a smoke detector and carbon dioxide detector near your furnace is a must for your families safety. If you have any problems with your furnace Call us immediately 24 hour Furnace repair Calgary to fix the problem right away. We have certified professional staff on call to service your Calgary furnace repairs also we have Boiler repair experts for all you hit water heating systems needs , we partnered with a Calgary mechanical ContractorDHL Mechanical  boilers Calgary


New Furnaces VS old Furnaces in Calgary – Furnace Replacement

replacing your  Furnace is something you should consider when you have have had multiple repairs done or the unit is over 20 years old . Most furnaces over 20 years old are very innefiecnt compared to new ones.They use 1 stage heating instead of 2 stage heating they operate at 50% to 80% efficiency compared to new ones and they lack the safety control’s of new furnaces. We can provide more information and quote to offer you a efficient new furnace. Also another service worth checking into is getting your furnace cleaned by a professional 


 Heater repairs

Its important to clean your furnace in calgary at least once a year. The best time to clean your furnace  before first use in the fall. your calgary furnace  should be inspected to ensure its running well , all filters have been checked and changed. It then should be thoroughly cleaned. We can provide professional furnace cleaning to ensure your Calgary furnace is running at its best. getting it cleaned helps the furnace run at top efficiency and keeps the dust down in your home. We can setup an appointment to clean your furnace properly and quickly. If your In Medicine Hate Please see our Partners – medicine hat refrigeration

Calgary’s Furnace Repair and Furnace Replacement Experts

Let Calgary Furnace Pros be the call you make when your furnace stops working , we can take care of any heating issue quickly . Whether its a quick fix or a furnace replacement required we have you covered.

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