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Calgary Fireplaces make you feel at home. Especially in winters, they give you that cozy and warm feeling that one craves for after a day out in the snow. Fireplaces hold a special place in the hearts of many people. They once provided them with warmth; now, they are just an added accessory to light up the evenings. You can never go wrong with a small fire in the living room full of guests, or when you are enjoying a romantic evening in the middle of December. 

However, the fireplaces that are installed today are not efficient. Because of the way houses are built today, they are incompatible with the traditional fireplaces. Now, because of insulation and air tightness, the conventional fireplaces have become inefficient as they require large amounts of air to burn the wood. They produce high levels of harmful gases and pollute the air inside and outside the homes. 

But still, people want to install fireplaces. Keeping in mind the structure of the houses, some new designs offer an environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional fireplaces. But choosing the best one to install in your house is still an extensive task. 

Environment and the gas fireplaces:

When compared with the traditional wood burning fireplace, a gas one has more environment-friendly characteristics. It produces less carbon monoxide and harmful fume emissions. The propane gas fireplaces do emit some of the pollutants since producing energy sources are never completely environment-friendly. If the fireplace is not properly installed, it can produce incomplete combustion products, which may lead to harmful effects. 

What should you look for in a gas fireplace? 

Because so many people want to install a fireplace in their homes, in recent years, efforts have been made to produce good fireplaces. There do exist some of the best units that not only produce attractive flames but also saves energy in your homes.

Types of gas fireplaces: There are a variety of units available. When you consider buying a product, you should sort through them and get the one that best suits your needs. The three major types of fireplaces are given below:

  1. Insert gas fireplace:This type of fireplaces is used to convert already installed wood-burning fireplaces to gas ones. They have a glass front and decorative metal trims to make the house look stylish and pretty. 
  2. Zero-clearance gas fireplace:This type is used when there is no existing fireplace. The manufacturer instructions should be followed to ensure environment-friendly combustion. 
  3. Free-standing gas fireplaces:
    This resembles new wood stoves that are present in the market. This is the most effective fireplace in producing heat if the purpose you are getting this unit installed is to fight against the cold. 

Ventilation of the combustion gases:
Another factor you should consider is the type of ventilation for the produced gases. Most units use chimneys as their vent. Some units also come with powered venting. They come with an assistive fan that aids this process. 

The efficiency of the Calgary fireplace unit:When you are considering a fireplace, you should ask about the efficiency of the unit. Although you should be aware that there have been many methods developed that measures efficiency and some of them can be misleading. 

The best way to find the efficiency is through asking for CSA-P.4 test methods. This will give you a better idea about the unit and its performance. 

Another thing you should look for is the EnerGuide label. The higher the rating on the label, the more efficient the unit is. 

Energy efficiency considerations:
When considering a fireplace, you should ask yourself the purpose and application for which you will be using this unit. If you are considering the unit for decorative purpose or you want a heating unit. You should also know the difference between central and zone heating if you want a unit that produces heat. 

Controls of the unit:Another thing to consider is the controls of the unit and if they are easy to use. If the setting provides you with multiple options when it comes to the thermostat. This gives you a better comfort level in regards to controlling the heat.

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Some of the best gas fireplace inserts:

A few if the best fireplace inserts have been picked out. They are mentioned below for your ease. 

  1. Napoleon Grandville VF Series 37″ Vent Free Natural Gas Fireplace:
    If you are somebody who likes things that require a minimum set up, you should go for this one. This gives more heat because of the vent free design. To keep you safe from carbon monoxide, it has an oxygen sensor and automatically shuts down. It has an easy to use ignition system.
  2. Emberglow 32 in. Vent Free Gas Fireplace Insert:
    If you are on a budget, this fireplace insert is the one you should be considering. This unit gives you efficient heat performance. It is worth your money and will not cost you for the bright flame it provides. You will have to purchase the logs for this unit though. It is a vent free system.
  3. Empire Tahoe Deluxe Direct Vent Fireplace:
    Even though direct vent models are hard to find today, but this system will terminate your search. This is a compact unit which can fit into tight spaces. The millivolt controls provide an easy switch system for turning it on and off. 
  4. Belmont Compact Dual Fuel Fireplace:
    If you are somebody who enjoys the traditional look, you should consider buying this fireplace which has a wood finish. It has an output of 20,000 BTU providing a good amount of heat. 

Getting a fireplace which caters for your needs is not an easy task. The concerning factors that you should look for are discussed in this article. Some of the best gas fireplaces are also given for your ease of selection.